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28.06.2020: Trailer Der Platz
Short Preview of DER PLATZ 2019 (interdisciplinary research and lecture demonstration) Stay tuned: more infos about the continuation coming soon!
01.06.2019: best newcomer duo & audience award Solo/Duo Festival NRW für back in a second
Best Duo newcomer/Nachwuchs: ‘Back in a second’  Choreographed and performed by Magdalena Ötti & Stella Felicitas Kolodzey From jerky, interrupted movements that felt like …
13.01.2019: Trailer "pas de toi sans eux" performact production by Ilan Gratini
Trailer of "pas de toi sans eux" a pièce by Ilan Gratini created in collaboration with Wallace Wong and Magdalena Oettl at Performact studios Torres Vedas Portugal synopsis: "the …